Sophia Walker is an award-winning public relations consultant and creative copywriter, with a background in SEO. Her talent for storytelling and head for news, coupled with a background in PR, is the perfect mix for modern-day creative writing.

With 15 year’s experience working in the media, Sophia is one of the leading freelance PR consultants and copywriters in London. However, her client base extends to all corners of the globe. These range from consumer goods, to luxury travel and family brands to lifestyle and marketing.

As well as content writing, she has self-published various ebooks, most recently including The Christmas Quizmas Book, now available on Amazon.

Sophia holds a degree in Communications and has won various industry awards for her creative campaigns.

If you’re looking to hire a reliable PR consultant, or one of the best freelance copywriters online, Sophia will deliver engaging high-quality content. More budget-friendly than a content writing agency UK, Sophia provides a bespoke service to clients, offering affordable consultant day rates. It’s the reason why so many return time and again!

Why not get in touch today and find out how Words By Soph can add value to your project.