As any marketing bod will tell you: Content is king.

As a top freelance writer, it’s something I can also vouch for. I work with a diverse range of clients, all looking for top freelance PR skills and content writing to fill their pages and platforms. High-quality content has never been in more demand.

Content is the meat on the bones, the scent in the perfume, the iris of the pupil. In these digital-savvy times, it’s ever important to ensure your content stands out from the crowd.

With such fierce competition, brands need to be even morse considered in their approach if they want to cut through. But what can be done?

Glad you asked! Here’s three essential tips to ensure your content has cut-through.

1. Know your Audience

How do you know what to write, if you don’t know who you’re writing for? It’s imperative to understand your audience before attempting to create content. In doing so, you know exactly the right language to use, and correct way to engage with your readers.

Don’t try and be all things to all people. The more targeted and relatable your content, the more likely your audience will respond, share and feel an affinity to your brand.

2. Use SEO the Right Way

SEO is crucial if you want to drive traffic, but it shouldn’t be at the peril of good copy. All too often I come across clients that think that littering features with as many SEO keywords as possible is the answer. Sure, it might drive traffic, but ultimately your followers are going to switch off, tune out and never come back.

There’s a fine balance between creating interesting content and producing ‘filler’ that is SEO heavy with no impact. Look for a reputable online content writer with a solid reputation and good examples (like this) on their blog!

3. Share Content

Content is made to be shared. Use it wisely and widely. Share it on all your platforms, and more than once.

Use channels like; LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, and Facebook to grow your following and ensure your content is widely spread. There’s some great tools such as Buffer that can even help you with planning and scheduling.

So there you have it, three helpful tips for creating robust content and ensuring it makes its mark.

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