Having been in the industry for nearly 15 years’ now, there’s a few things I’ve picked up about content writing services along the way.

Today, as a freelance PR and one of the top-rated blog writers UK, I’m front and centre of the industry. With more than 15 different clients on my books at any given time, it helps me understand what’s in demand. Being part of the work crowd in a freelance capacity is definitely one of the best ways to stay on top of industry trends.

Shift in Working Values

In recent years, however, I’ve noticed a growing demand for content writing services; London, New York and Florida, being the main hubs. I’ve also started to see an increase in clients from Australia’s west coast too.

Interestingly, although I’m based in London, around a third of my clients are located in the US. I love working with American clients as they have a real respect for the art form that is SEO content writing. They are always polite and grateful, and also give you the freedom to deliver a task the way you feel best. They have great respect for your authority and credibility as a writer. They often tell me that good freelance content writers are hard to come by, so I guess it’s a win-win situation for everyone.

Freelance content writers at work

Crowdsourcing is the New Norm

I also have another theory about why everyone wants to hire content writers at the moment. My main takeout is that the rise in crowdsourcing websites such as Upwork and Fivver have connected professionals from all corners of the globe. Furthermore, many start-ups don’t have the capacity or budget to hire full-time staff, so they look to freelance content writers to supplement their business. It’s a really smart way to generate quality content without traditional overheads involved.

A recent report by Deloitte highlighted this, as follows:

“Crowdsourcing offers a way for enterprises to find new solutions and to offer otherwise frustrated and nomadic employees a greater diversity of work… In 2014, Gartner predicted that 75 per cent of high-performing enterprises will use crowdsourcing in some form by 2018. Today, the online crowd is helping enterprises tackle a wide range of challenges, from menial tasks to more complex needs requiring specialised skills. It’s having spectacular results, too, in certain situations creating better and more scalable solutions at lower cost than even the best in-house teams.”

Crowdsourcing is the new norm

For the Small and Large…

SMEs make up a sizeable amount of my clients – at least fifty per cent.

But one of the other reasons why specifically content writing services London are so valued is this; the British are great writers. The home of Dickens, Shakespeare and Austin – Brits are renowned for some of the best writers in the world. It’s a legacy that lives on to this day.

Just google ‘copywriter London’ and you’ll see a host of well-connected and talented individuals. Our education system is one of the best in the world, and love them or hate them, our press leads the way in terms of ground-breaking journalism.

In my line of work, I have met some of the best blog writers UK, and like myself, they have all been educated and trained to the highest standard. Basically, it’s one of our great exports and in turn, London copywriters have never been in more demand

The Weak Pound

Of course, there’s another factor at play here too; the weak pound. It can be no coincidence that the rise in freelance content writers in London is due to the great value we offer.

I remember when £1 was roughly worth double that in the US ($2), today, however, you’d be lucky to get $1.3 to the pound. It’s a stark reality that we have in some ways become cheap fodder, yet offering a premium service.

Final Word

Freelance content writers can add great value to your business. Most of us are highly experienced individuals that have worked for large companies, and honed their art. Hiring freelance writers is also easier than ever, and affordable too. You can expect great results, since our reputation is everything.

Curious to learn more, why not get in touch today and see how I can add value to your business, as one of the top-rated copywriters London.

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