From obscurity a few years ago, SEO content writing has become the go-to resource for marketers everywhere. If you want to be Google business ranked, then ensuring your website comes out top for results is a must. That much we know.

So, just as we were getting into the swing of things and SEO content writing seemed to find its flow, the nice people over at Google decided to shake things up! Thanks guys.

If you ever wondered how to become an SEO content writer, now would be a good time. With so many changes in the industry, it’s a smart time to hit reset or enter the industry.

Google’s New Writing Direction

Ask any business and they’ll tell you all they want is to get on Google and rank highly in organic search. Up until quite recently, that involved hiring a freelance writer, getting some keywords researched and ensuring you have plenty of beautiful, engaging content peppered with SEO keywords throughout.

Not anymore.

Google recently announced its new ‘question-answering system’, which has been filed here. In its own words, the search engine explains it’s a “computer program product and method provides a question and answer service that accepts an initial first question from a user and analyzes the question by a first generation subsystem to generate a first answer.” And so forth.

In layman’s terms, this means one thing. Google is going from a ‘search engine’ based service to an ‘answer engine’.

Still with me? 🙂

The Future of SEO Content Writing

Good news, this doesn’t mean abandoning your SEO content writing strategy just yet. It just means fine-tuning it for google business ranking and results.

One way to do this is to respond by adapting the way you write. To structure content for optimisation, there’s a few things you can do and here’s the perfect example”

How to Write for Google’s New Algorithm

  • Pose a question in your blog post or feature, a bit like the heading above used
  • Feature keywords in your response, in this case google business is one
  • Write in bullet-point or short-form snippets. This will allow Google to use such content when people search for related subjects
  • Expand on the various ways the question could be posed, for instance, you might want to include ‘how much SEO detail should I include when writing for Google’s new algorithm’ – catch my drift? These are called secondary questions
  • Carry on using sub-headings and H1/H2/H3 headings, these help to breakup your copy and allow Google business to pick it up as a meaningful resource
SEO Content writing

The Science Bit

First and foremost, I’m an SEO content writer and my focus is on writing interesting, engaging and relevant content. So, to understand more about these changes, I’ve turned to experts, to get their take on it.

According to the website, this spells good news for retailers, since this ‘algorithm enhancement’ uses “structured data and leveraging semantic technology” to get results. And now this means your products and services display more prominently, featuring rich snippets in results.

So, it’s time to hire a freelance writer with SEO skills and see how this can improve your business today!

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