You would have thought in this day and age that we’d have figured out a few things. But when you really think about how young social media actually is, it’s to be forgiven that we’re still finding our feet.

Lets talk PR a moment. Traditionally, a PR officer would have protected or promoted a brand. The target audience would have been national newspapers and broadcasters.

Fast forward to 2019 and things are a lot different. Newspaper circulation figures are dropping like Big Brother ratings, the online media has replaced this void with instant gratification and the Mail Online; well that’s an entity unto its own!

The point is, what are PR people to call themselves, when they are so much more than PR? Your typical media relations executive today is posting content to social media, reaching out to new clients on LinkedIn and doing their own PR on Facebook. And of course, all the other stuff, you know like writing press releases, doing worksheets and all the other demands of agency life.

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