When you’re a start-up or small business starting out, marketing and PR can play a significant role in your fortunes. So then, how do you get a PR agency or freelance PR for your business?

There’s a number of avenues you can take. The most popular, and cost-efficient is to hire a freelance PR, that can act as your personal PR agent. The other option, budget pending, is to work with a PR agency, which can yield great results.

Questions, questions, there’s so many. So, inspired by google’s most searched terms, I’ve attempted to answer some of them for you. Just a note before reading; I’ve worked for both PR agencies and client-side, so come with a holistic understanding of the pros and cons of both.

What to look for when hiring PR freelancers?

There are many writers for hire and PR consultants on the market, making it tricky to know what’s right for you. I suggest shortlisting a selection of freelance PRs and asking them to write a small feature for you (100 unpaid, 250+ words paid) and see what the results come back with. You want to forge a long relationship with your freelance (as they will with you), for the very best results. Why? Because people invest in ongoing partnerships, meaning that you’re PR will go much further.

Also be sure to look for a PR freelancer that has examples they can share with you, including some published online results.

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What makes a good PR agency?

If you have good chemistry and lines of communication with your PR agency, then this is a great place to start. But what makes a good PR agency truly stand out is their a) understanding of a client, in order to really get under their skin and b) outstanding communication skills. This extends from client management to a black-book of contacts.

You can look for agencies that have just won awards, or have been recognised by the industry, as a good way to navigate the many options available.

How do PR agencies deliver PR ideas for small businesses?

Whether or not you know the function of public relations, one thing to keep in mind is that PR agencies are creative resources.

If you don’t have any natural news to shout about, your PR team will be able to get their creative thinking hats on, to come up with ideas to create a buzz around your brand. This involves creative strategy and understanding your audience demographics, as well as tapping into the latest industry trends.

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How to get PR for your business?

The best way to hire a PR freelancer or agency is to ask around and look online. Google will throw out a number of great freelancers to consider. As part of due diligence, check out their website – see if it looks modern and updated, often revealed by an up-to-date blog with plenty of posts.

Should a PR offer press release distribution?

This will vary from freelancer to freelancer, so it’s best to ask. Do keep in mind this involves a lot of research, outreach and hard work, so it’s an option that doesn’t come cheaply.

So there you have it – a brief overview in to the role of PR, and how it can help your business take off!

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