We all know that blog content is a smart way to increase traffic to a website, which is why freelance writers are in such high demand. But SEO content is also a good way to engage with your followers or audience at the same time

So then, how can you maximise content to make sure you’re making the most of it?

First hire a writer to put some SEO content together for you, then get ready to promote it. Here’s how to gain maximum exposure, here’s nine handy tips:

  • Connect your website to your social media feeds. This way every time you upload a new post, it will automatically share it on; Twitter, Facebook and so forth. Be sure to include appropriate hashtags to drive engagement too. This is a good resource for hashtag research, although your freelance writer might be able to suggest more.
  • Upload a blog post with an image, ensure all your SEO content is captioned, this includes photographs, graphics and images to help drive traffic.
  • Include metadata in the backend of a blog post.
  • If the post is a personal viewpoint or industry specific, this might also be good to share on LinkedIn
  • It’s ok to post a link to your SEO content several times on social media. However, it’s best to do this over a period of time, say perhaps at different times every other day.
  • Find out the best times to publish SEO content to your social media channels. This will vary by platform and audience; however. this is a very useful tool by Social Sprout.
  • If your blog references another person, business or brand, why not reach out to them and invite them to repost your blog? This is a great way to gain new followers too. Some freelance writers will help you do this.
  • Newsletters don’t have to be time consuming once you have content to share. Use your blog posts as fodder for your newsletter, it’s also another great way of sharing your content to existing followers.
  • And finally… keep blogging! Some sources suggest posting new content three times a week is the right amount to gain traction. However, being realistic, this can be hard to sustain. Uploading a new post every week is a great way to build your voice in a sustainable way.

If you’re wondering ‘how many blog posts should I post a month’ it has been proven that once you write 21-54 blog posts, your traffic can surge by 30%!

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